Chicago Gyms – Pick the right one and your life will change forever

There are many gyms in the Chicago area, each offering different styles of exercise. It can be difficult to determine which one best suits you. So when it comes to Chicago gyms what should you use as your guide to help in the decision process? That is where I can help.

1. First of all, what is your reason for joining a gym? What kind of workout do you enjoy: cardiovascular exercise only, such as the treadmill or elliptical; weight training; yoga; or boot camp? Maybe you prefer a variety of these. If you prefer a variety of machines then a traditional gym is your best bet. However, if you prefer a boot camp environment then a studio such as Chi-Town Boot Camp is perfect because they specialize in this type of exercise routine.

2. Next is location. When will you workout; morning or afternoon? Do you want a facility close to home or work? One of the reasons people do not continue with exercise is because of time so you want to choose a facility that is logistically convenient, usually between three to five miles from home or work.

3. What are the hours? Remember one of the biggest reasons people stop going to the gym is because of time so the hours need to work with your schedule.

4. Will the facility you choose require an instructor with credentials? This would be the case if hiring a personal trainer or taking boot camp classes. You want to ensure they have the appropriate credentials and experience necessary to provide you with proper training.

5. How about the maintenance of the gym’s equipment and their facility? If you’re looking at a gym with a variety of equipment, how many of the machines you’re interested in using do they have and are they serviced regularly? Do you notice “out of order” signs? What about boot camp equipment? Does the facility offer enough equipment for multiple stations? Is it conducive to your needs? And don’t forget to check out locker rooms, bathroom stalls, sinks and the general cleanliness. Is it to your satisfaction?

6. How much does it cost and is there a contract? Is it a recurring monthly payment or is a discount offered for cash or paying for a full year. This is an important question for everyone. Obviously the cost needs to fit in your budget but also keep in mind, is there really a price tag on your health?

7. And last, check out their reputation. Referrals are a great way to find your workout facility. There are many Chicago gyms to choose from and you want the best for you so don’t be shy about asking questions. You want to be happy so you continue with your exercise. That is the bottom line.

To me, these are seven important tips to help you decide choosing a Chicago gym.

Write down your questions so you don’t forget and make sure you are comfortable when you join. You should be excited and eager to get moving!