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"CHI-Town Boot Camps Guarantees to flatten your stomach and tone your entire body without starving yourself and spending hours in a boring gym."

Renegade Chicago trainer is tired of corporate gyms and weight loss scams. Personal training will never be the same.

Dear Friend,

My name is Craig Kastning,

I am one of the owners of Chi-Town Boot Camps.

This is where I am supposed to brag about who I am and talk about myself. But I am not like most other boot camp trainers. I would rather have my clients tell you about me.

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Throughout my life, I had longed to have the body that my friends had. I wanted to be thin, but I didn't do anything about it. Instead, I was depressed because I was overweight, which lead me to food as my comfort and only perpetuated my problem.

One day I woke up and thought today is going to be different. It turns out that it wasn't just one day. I made a complete lifestyle change. I decided to get the help of a boot camp trainer. Before, I had been completely sedentary. I dreaded exercise and slept all the time. At first, I had no exercise tolerance, but after a month I felt so much better. I could breathe easier, move easier and I felt like I had so much energy. It came to a point where I became addicted to exercise instead of food.

Within Six months of deciding "today is going to be different" I lost 69lbs. At my heaviest, I wore a size 24, and now I wear a 10. I do not even remember the person that I used to be. She seems like a stranger.

- Thanks for helping me change my life.
Amy Bulpitt

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"The results you can expect when you get yourself in shape"
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I saw and felt immediate changes…

I've been a member with Chi-Town Boot Camps and LOVE IT!. Craig, Jamie, and Dustin have been fantastic. They take personal training to an exciting new level that involves much more than the traditional gym-sweat routine. They offer expert technical advice and combine it with passion, fun, and encouragement. They improve conventional workouts by incorporating elements of core stability and strength. Their workouts are entertaining and fresh week after week. They clearly possess a wealth of knowledge that they freely share with their clients. One thing is for sure, I get my butt kicked-but I get results. After just a few workouts with these guys, I saw and felt immediate changes to my body and posture. In fact, I hit my goal in just the first 5 months of working out at these guys! I lost 30 pounds of fat and gained 10 lbs of lean muscle. I also feel more energized and confident at work and in everyday life. Becoming part of the Premier team has been the best decision I have ever made.

John Forrest

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I lost 45lbs and SIX sizes

I was always very athletic and in good shape without much work or effort most of my life - - that is until I had my three children. A snowball effect of weight from three babies and a history of not having to worry about my weight prior to my pregnancies was a lethal combination. I didn't know what to do to get it off and consequently tried every "quick fix" there was and other types of exercise I hated to get the weight off. Nothing worked and I pretty much gave up. Then, I ran across Chi-Town Boot Camps. I almost didn't make the call. I almost let this amazing life-changing opportunity slip right through my fingers.

I thank God every day for Craig, Jamie, and Dustin. Their passion and commitment to what they do is so contagious and I love going to work out every day. They care about every person that walks through their door, regardless of their size and weight. I have experienced that personally and I have watched them with others. I have lost 45 pounds and six sizes, with a little more work to go. My body has changed dramatically. I am more toned than I ever have been in my life. The nutritional knowledge I have gained and the understanding of my own body has helped me to make the changes I have made in my life. It feels so good not to be trapped in a body that I knew wasn't me. I look in the mirror now and finally recognize the person looking back at me. And best of all, when I run into friends I haven't seen for a while, they almost don't recognize me. I love that!

Jennifer Widger

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I lost 42 Pounds In 12 Weeks

Let me tell you, "gym + me" never really equaled success before. I have just never been a gym kind of girl. I always hated looking around and feeling intimidated by the "buff" and "fit" people that made me feel inadequate and overweight. I never really knew what to actually do and I would just kind of fiddle around with different pieces of equipment, never really feeling like I accomplished anything.

After the birth of my twins, I was thoroughly disgusted with the way I looked, felt and the lack of energy I had. Trying to keep up with twins (plus my other two boys) was exhausting and there was just no time for working out. I knew that for the past ten years I had given my body over to producing four amazing boys and that through the endless hours of taking care of my children and family, I never took time out for me. After countless diets and purchasing several "infomercial style workout videos", I knew it was time to take my body back and that is just what I did!

My first time working out with Craig, Jaime, and Dustin I thought, "What was I thinking?!" The amount of work they had us do was crazy! But let me tell you, I went back the next week (after being really sore) and never stopped AND I saw results! They taught me how to eat properly and I realized that those yo-yo diets I tried were awful and not realistic to maintain. I was losing weight, losing inches, gaining energy and feeling AWESOME! After 12 weeks and losing 42 pounds, I was shocked! I can't thank Chi-Town enough because now I actually LOVE going to the gym! The information I have learned about myself and what I need to do to maintain my current body is invaluable! I have never been so challenged, motivated, or educated as I have been since I joined Chi-Town. The best part: I got my body back, feel great and realized that I will never stop taking some time out of my day for me!

Never Going Back!

Tobi Davidson

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I Am Now 55 Pounds Lighter

I can't thank the Chi-Town bootcamps team enough. When I first met Jamie, Dustin, and Craig, I was tired-- I was tired of eating wrong, I was tired of trying fad diets, and most importantly, I was tired of being overweight. After I started going to Chi-Town, I'm now 55 pounds lighter (and counting), stronger, and more energetic then I've been in my life! They really know what they're doing, and if you let them, they can change your life too.

Brian Pinon

Elgin, IL

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This decision truly changed my life

After trying a number of fitness programs, I enrolled with Chi-Town Boot Camps. This decision has truly changed my life and my family and friends refer to the results I received as "incredible." Craig Jamie, and Dustin were able to keep the workouts challenging yet fun and exciting. They were not just great with the workout routines; they provided nutritional education that was simply priceless. They truly understand how to shape a woman's body...the dramatic body transformation I received was something I never experienced before. Chi-Town was able to push and encourage me to levels that I hadn't been to since my college years playing volleyball. I lost almost 32 pounds in just 12 weeks! I cannot thank The Chi-Town Team enough for helping me get my body to where I knew it could be. I could not have done it without the knowledge and motivation of Chi-Town Boot Camps!

Joely Lenz

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Here is how it works

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My body Fat Has Gone From 28% to 14%

I use to be so intimated going to the gym and I had a hard time staying consistent. When I did, I usually just got on one of the bikes in the corner and read a book. I did this routine for several months and began to get very frustrated with my lack of progress. That's when I decided to get some help and work with Craig.

In 3 months of working with my boot camp trainer I have learned more than I expected and have seen fantastic results. My body Fat has gone from 28% to 14%, my strength has improved dramatically and my workouts are always fun, challenging and motivating.

I am no longer intimidated when I walk into any gym and I look forward to each and every workout.

- Denise Van Cleave
Algonquin, IL

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I dropped 2 Dress Sizes and Down 27 lbs

I've never been an athlete or did any amount of exercising faithfully. In my early twenties I did some cardio/step classes and some dancing on the weekends which seemed to suffice. In my thirties and after having two boys things started to change. Cardio wasn't enough and my life as a stay at home mom was more stressful than I ever Imagined.

I just didn't seem to "find the time" to fit in exercise and good eating was a thing of the past. After maintaining an average weight of 125lbs then seeing my high balloon to 158 I knew that I needed some help. Did I mention I'm not tall (5'3") so that weight really weighed me down.

After training with Craig for a short while I began to see noticeable improvements. I dropped 2 dress sizes right away and am now down 27lbs. Having an experienced boot camp trainer and someone you are held accountable to is certainly the way to lasting results. I couldn't be happier.

- Grace Sebert
Marengo, IL

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Here is what's going to happen,

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***** Now do you see why I am absolutely 100% committed in getting you in shape?

Because the only way I can achieve my mission is by getting you results so dramatic that people can't help but to ask you "what are you doing"?

I want you to become my walking talking billboard advertisement.

By the way, did I mention that with all the referrals you will be sending me you get a free month for each and every person?

Over time you will get my entire boot camp practically free!

Warning: This May Sound a Little Harsh, but I only want to work with clients that are serious about their health and fitness.

Do Not Waste my time and your money if:

  • You are looking for a quick fix or the magic pill (Plenty of surgery centers and "crack doctors" around).
  • You think by giving me money somehow magically get in shape. You still need to show up. Even Oprah with all her money couldn't outsource the workout :)
  • You're a whiner and have every excuse in the book why you can't make it to your workouts.
  • Working out needs to be a"Non-Negotiable" just like taking a shower and brushing your teeth.

    I am here to help you change your lifestyle so that you not only achieve your goals but more importantly maintain it.

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Randy Pruitt

We are your typical married couple. We both work full time; we have 3 kids and spend much of our time running between their sporting events and school activities. This left very little time for us; we were so exhausted all the time and just attributed this to our schedule. We never thought of ourselves as unhealthy, just thought of ourselves as "typical" parents. Our son had done some speed & agility training with Craig and had become a fan of Chi-Town Boot Camps on Facebook, when they announced their. He suggested we try out Craig's boot camp...we decided to give it a try and we quickly signed up. little did we know at that time how that decision would change our lives. We began making time for ourselves by going to Chi-Town Boot Camps together; this was our "date night".

We felt comfortable from the moment we walked in. The atmosphere was relaxed and the trainers' workouts are both fun and challenging. Craig, Jamie, and Dustin are great at encouraging everyone to push themselves no matter what their fitness level is. Their knowledge of nutrition was extremely helpful and got us on the right track. Before we knew it we started seeing our bodies change and our energy levels increase.

To this day we have lost almost 80 pounds between us and are so grateful for the trainers for all they have done for us! They've truly changed our lives!

- Randy Pruitt,
Ringwood, IL

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Wanda Wasserman

The best decision I have made to date"

I was recently diagnosed with diverticulitis to go along with already having lupus. I knew I had to make some drastic changes with diet and start working out. I saw an promotional ad for a boot camp; I was hesitant but more scared about taking such a huge step. I made the call and it has truly changed my life. The pain in my joints, muscles, and back from my Lupus has decreased drastically and my physician has noticed huge improvements in my overall health.

My jeans have gone from a size 22 to a 6 and I have already lost 101 pounds! I continue to set and reach new goals each and every month. Craig & Jamie have done a great job of creating a fun yet challenging atmosphere. I have met a lot of wonderful new friends and consider them to be part of my family. I thank God every day that I made that call…it has been the best decision I have made! I continue to see changes and I truly feel the best part of my day is when I am training with the awesome trainers at Chi-Town Boot Camps!

- Wanda Wasserman

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